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Hi Everyone!

Today I decided to share with you all my favourite nail polish brand.

I have been using these nail polishes for a long time now and I've found that they work best for me. They give great colour pay off just after two coats and are super shiny, giving an illusion of gel nails. 
They don't chip until day 5, which is amazing!
I hate when my nail polish chips! I always have to re-paint my nails straight away!

Barry M's latest launch of  Sunset Daylight Curing Polish and topcoat deliver 'the look and resilience of pro salon gel nails' . The lovely new range is now available in stores of Boots and Superdrug.
Be sure to get your hands on them for the up coming summer months!

Sunset Pro Nail Polish - 513 Like a Nude

Gelly Hi-Shine - 506 Fondant & 430 Dragon

Matte Nail Polish - 437 Crush

Nail Polish - 309 Strawberry Ice Cream & 317 Blue Moon

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  1. I've been using gel nail polish almost exclusively due to the whole chippage factor. Its nice to see some other options out there. Thanks!

  2. Like a nude has to be my fave polish ever .

  3. Fondant looks gorgeous! x

  4. So many pretty shades! Think I need to buy some new Barry M nail varnishes haven't bought one in ages x
    em // em&han xo

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