Skin Care Product Review

Hi Everyone!

Today I decided to review the AVON Cocoa Butter Body Lotion.

I have recently included this body lotion in my skincare routine.
I have also been trying out some other Avon products and I have been very impressed with the majority of them. 
This body lotion smells incredible because of its cocoa butter scent,
it is not over powering.
It smells like some of the fake tans but I love it, definitely give it a try if you get the chance! And if you're a chocolate scent lover, this is for you!
The lotion is very lightweight, non-greasy & dries super fast, which I love about it.
I really don't like waiting around for the body lotion to absorb into my skin. With this one I am able to put my clothes on almost straight away after applying it.

It conditions and moisturises the skin very well, which lasts for the whole day.
It leaves the skin with a natural healthy glow.
It doesn't irritate the skin and is great for sensitive skin.
It works wonders for dry skin!
It has vitamin E for an all-over nurturing nourishment.

It's super cheap ( £2.40 ) and great value for money!
It also comes in many other scents which you can find here.

I hope you enjoyed today's review!
Let me know if you have used any of the Avon products?

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  1. I'll have to try this out because I have a real problem finding moisturisers that I like because I hate greasy and heavy feeling ones.
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Me too! This is the best one I have found, it works great! X

  2. This sounds great - I already love cocoa butter so this sounds good already x

  3. I swear by the Body Butters from TBS, but this one is way cheaper.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. Sounds like a really great product!
    I used to love Avon and I haven't used it in ages, I realised it's because there's no rep near me anymore!!
    I may have to go online for this one :)

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

  5. This sounds lovely and so inexpensive! I love the smell of cocoa butter products too!
    Rachel Coco


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