Little Primark Summer Haul

Hi Everyone!

Today I decided to show you all few pieces that I got in Primark recently.
I'm going on a holiday next week and I had to pick up some things for that!

Are you planning on going somewhere this year?
I would love to know where, let me know in the comments below!

So without making this post super long, let's get into it!

These are the two bikinis that I got. You can never have too many swimwear pieces right?!
I feel like I have to buy at least two new bikinis each year, anyone else?
I loved these two, especially the one on the right.
I feel like the blue and the bright pink look super cute together!

I also got some flip-flops that I can wear around the pool.
I get these every year and they are super practical and comfortable.
I just throw them out after the holiday. They're super cheap!

 I got this lovely brown tassle bag.
It's perfect when you're going out for dinner etc. just to take some things with you.
It looks very summery and festival like. There are lots of these bags everywhere now!
I also thought that it would look great with the Primark heels that I mentioned in my favourites, you can see them here.

Last but not least I got two clothing pieces.
This simple, white crop top which looks super cute with shorts
and this jump suit which I feel can be dressed up or down!

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
Be sure to follow me on all my social media to see what I get up to on my holiday next week!


  1. I totally agree with you about swimwear! Every time before going on holiday, I buy some new pieces, so I'm even more excited for holiday :)
    Hope you'll enjoy your holiday x

  2. All the pieces look super cute! Seems like Primark have got some great stuff at the moment.

    Have an amazing holiday! (: I wish I could go too... but I don't have any money. Should start saving up.

  3. Great haul =]

  4. Очень классный пост!

  5. i love your finds! primark is always fun to go through. i never leave empty handed. i hope you have fun on your holiday : )

  6. I love the bikinis, they're lovely! Xx


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