Oriflame Swedish Spa Review

Hi Everyone!

Today I decided to do another skincare/beauty review.
Today I'm going to talk about some Oriflame products!
These products are from the Swedish Spa range.

This is a invigorating shower gel to wake your body as you cleanse. With softening Hydracare+, purifying mint, and tiny beads of moisturising jojoba and grape seed oils to refresh your body and mind.
It smells super nice! Very sweet, it reminds me of a kids scented tooth paste for some reason! But trust me it smells lovely, just like something I want to shower with.
The scent remains on your body after using it in the shower, but its not over powering.
The tiny beads of oils add to the shower gel. It feels very luxurious.
The product also lathers very nicely.
Over all it is something I recommend you try out.

This is a rich hand cream which nourishes and softens your hands overnight. Hydracare+ moisturises, tonic ginger oil nourishes, vitamin-rich sweet almond oil soothes as your hands are replenished while you sleep. For lasting, warm-scented softness.
The product feels great as you massage it into your hands, it leaves them very soft.
It works great for dry hands.
This is definitely something I will enjoy using each night.

This is an aromatic cream that smooths and firms, helping to target 'orange peel' skin. Cellulite-minimising caffeine, stimulating ginger oil and softening Hydracare+. The cream tones and moisturises.
This cream has a gel consistency which feels very cool when applied.
It has the same scent as the night renewal hand cream.

Over all, these products feel very luxurious and their scent is beautiful!
They are also very affordable which is great when you're looking for a good product and you're on a budget. 

I hope you enjoyed today's review.
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Have a great Sunday!


  1. This sounds like a fab little product! Anything to get that cellulite of mine away!

    Jasmine | jasminehardingmakeup.blogspot.co.uk


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