Travel Packing Guide

Hi Everyone!

Today I decided to write a post all about my travel packing guide.

It's a bit of a different post, but I figured out that there are still a lot of people going on holidays this year and they might find this post helpful. 
I personally LOVE packing but I know that a lot of people really dislike it.
I usually help my family to pack their suitcases when they go on a trip, I find it super fun and exciting even if I'm not the one going anywhere.
I'm going on holidays on Wednesday, so I decided to bring you all along to see how I pack and what I pack.
If you want to see some packing tips and tricks, just keep reading!

Step One

First of all, I count the amount of days I'm going away for. In this case I'm going for eight days. I then write a list of things I wish to take with me, these include clothes, shoes, chargers, toiletries etc.
I then usually walk around my room and bathroom making sure I have everything that I will need on the list. I usually pack a week or two before leaving, I know that might be ridiculous for some people that pack the night before! I find that I never manage to forget anything that way as I have time to remember everything throughout the days coming up to the trip.

Step Two

As for packing clothes, I have a routine which works great for me. I take out the clothes that I wish to take with me and lay them out on my bed. I then make outfits for the amount of days I'm going for. This helps a lot if you're someone that tends to over pack! When I have the right amount of outfits, I have eight here, I add one extra just in case. I then take four-five evening outfits which I wouldn't wear during the day. 
As for shoes, I tend to take pool flip flops like the ones from Primark which are super comfortable and cheap. I then take around two pairs of sandals that will go with all my outfits and a pair of evening shoes that are a little more dressy. The key is to bring versatile shoes that can be worn with everything.
When I have picked all my clothes I iron them all, fold them neatly and they're ready to go into my suitcase!

Step three

When packing my toiletries, I make sure everything doesn't exceed the legal amount (100ml).
I bring my everyday makeup with me. I also bring an eye shadow palette with which I can create a day to night look. That way you don't have to pack a lot of shadows.
I bring two to three lip products for example, nude and red. I try my best not to over pack the makeup. I also tend to depot some of my toiletries into smaller containers. I do this with my skin care products. I bring the make up brushes that I will need, not more. I can always wash them while I'm away. I bring my hair brush and my straightener because I always straight my hair after washing it.
Don't forget the SPF if you're going on a sunny holiday!

Step four  

Time to pack! The trick is to roll your clothes not fold and stack them on top of each other. This creates a lot more space. The pieces you must lay out because of their tendency to crease, put these in last, right on top of all the rest. As for shoes, try and squeeze these in between the clothes or sides of the suitcase, of course in their own shoe bags not to damage your clothes. The toiletries go somewhere on the side. I sometimes carry these in an extra bag, the one that I keep beside me on the plane. I never check in my suitcase, I just use the carry on. I don't need too much space, this one fits everything for me.
Lastly, weigh your suitcase to see if its the right weight for your flight.

Remember! Only bring things that you truly will use and need otherwise the over packing comes in.

And you're ready to go!

I hope you enjoyed today's post and found it a little helpful!
Be sure to leave me your tips and tricks in the comments below and if you're planning to go on a holiday this year, I hope you have a great time!

Have a nice day!


  1. I pack well in advance too! If I pack the night before I forget literally everything! Xo

    1. I'm the exact same! I rather pack before, saves me getting stressed about forgetting things!:)

  2. I pack in advance too! But my suitcase is usually disorganized. Lol

    1. You should try your best to organise it:-) you'd be surprised how much space you're saving! X

  3. this was a really helpful post! some great tips in there!
    Ellen x

  4. Can not thank you enough for this post, girlie! I am starting to pack today :)
    Such an amazingly described guide!!
    xox Nadia

  5. Love this post! I always find myself over packing :/ but I think this will for sure help me !


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