Everyday fashion staples

Hi Everyone!

Today I decided to share with you all the fashion items I tend to go for or my everyday fashion staples.
I don't really know what my style is but on a daily basis I tend to go for the simple look.

I don't like too much colour, in fact I don't really wear it at all. I gravitate towards the blacks, greys, whites and denim colours. It's the colours that I feel most comfortable in.
I'm obsessed with stripes as well. I usually throw on a top, like these above from Hollister, Primark and Zara. They are very simple but that's what I love about them.

I then put on a pair of jeans to go with the top that I choose. All of these are from Topshop as they fit me the best. Here I have the Jamie and Joni jeans, my favourites. I know that they all seem to be the same but they are all different in some way. One pair is ripped which is something I also like. I wear these most days so I like to switch between them. Most people also have black jeans, and I have to say, I don't own any black jeans, should I? Being a lover of the colour black I have to say that it can be quite a struggle as everything I mean everything sticks to black. I have two cats too so that doesn't help either.

Sometimes I also wear a skirt, like this denim one from New Look. I pair it with a simple top and some black tights. I feel like it gives my outfits a little change. I also wear black leggings a lot, whether I have to go out of the house really quick or I'm at home relaxing, these come in super handy.

I'm a big fan of oversized jumpers as well, especially in the colder months like now. I throw them over a stripy shirt or simply over a tank top. These are from AXparis, Primark and Asos. I pair these with jeans or with that denim skirt that I mentioned. I also love cardigans as it's something that you can just throw over on top and not only it keeps you warm but it also changes the outfit a little. 

These bralets is something I wear a lot. I think it's something that just makes me feel a little more put together. Even when you can't see them, they are still my fashion staple. And who doesn't love cute bralets?! Sometimes I wear these under tops that are more see through and they also look nice under jumpers that have little holes in them like the beige one I mentioned above. These are from Primark, H&M, New Look and Urban Outfitters.

Since its still a little chilly outside I have to wear a coat or jacket of some sort. I have worn this black AXparis coat for most of this winter as it goes well with everything but again, everything sticks to it! I also wear this New Look light blue coat which I bought last year and it's still one of my favourites (sorry that it looks super white in this photo). I then always go for my black leather jacket, this one is from Primark. It's something that I definitely will be wearing when the weather gets a little warmer. It find it looks good over a jumper too.

For shoes, I tend to choose the comfortable ones the most. White and black converse is something I wear the most, they're super easy to just throw on. I also love trainers like these white Adidas ones and these Nike free runs. When I want to be a little more dressy I wear these River Island black boots the most. They are very comfortable even though they're high.

This sums up my everyday fashion staples.

What are your fashion staples?

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
Have a great Sunday,


  1. My fashion staples are high heel, long dress and bag :)
    Good post!

    DadieB. ~

  2. Aw I love all of these items! My fashion staples are probably some Joni or Jamie jeans, an oversized jumper and a leather jacket!!x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

    1. That's great! Definitely something I would wear X

  3. Such great staples to have! I find neutral pieces are the most versatile hence so easy to wear when you have no clue what to put on in the morning. And I love the bralettes, they're all so beautiful! I agree that they definitely make you feel a bit more confident and put together, even if no one else knows you're wearing them.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Kelly xx

  4. Great post! My fashion staples are definitely black jeans, I can't believe you don't own any, they are my favourite piece of clothing!

    1. I promise I'll buy some next time I'm in Topshop! ;)

  5. Lovely post!I love all the clothes.Those bralets are really pretty.My fashion staple are definitely black jeans,leather jacket and a pair of vans or converse!xx


  6. thank you for your sharing. I recently bought some jeans on Selerit.com, but I am upset about how to match. thank you for your help!


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