My Shower Essentials

Hi Everyone!

Today I decided to share with you all my shower essentials.
The products that I use in the shower change from time to time but when I like a product I always repurchase it. Without making this post super long lets get into it!

First I start with taking my make up off and putting on my Lush Mask of Magnaminty. I put it on for 5-10 minutes, the time that it takes me to have my shower. I then take it off with warm water once I'm  finished. I like putting it on my face while I'm in the shower as I don't have to walk around my house waiting for it to work. 

I then use the Soap&Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash or the Dove Body Wash to wash my body with. I love both of these especially the Soap&Glory one! Its super creamy and smooth. They both smell amazing. I tend to change my body wash products every now and then, there's so many out there to try! I use a shower puff because I feel like it cleans my body a lot better.

I then use the Soap&Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub to exfoliate my body. This body scrub has been my favourite for a long time now and I repurchased it around three times now. Once again it smells amazing! Its very gentle and has the right amount of sugar in it. I believe it would be good for sensitive skin too. Its also very easy to use and it spreads very nicely. It lasts a long time also. I really like the Soap&Glory scrubs, they're all worth a try.

I then shave my body and for that I use a shaving gel. I don't have a specific one that I always repurchase. At the moment I'm using this simple one from Avon. It's nothing special just a blue gel that foams up quite a lot and does a good job. I always use shave gel because its a lot more effective and it leaves my skin very soft and not irritated.

At the end I wash my hair. At the moment I'm using some Aussie products and I'm loving them. I know I have mentioned these quite a lot! I did a separate post about them too.

I have a bath at least once a week and what would a bath be without using some Lush products!? I really need to go back to Lush and stock up on some of my favourites. I usually use a bath bomb or a bubble bar, or BOTH! What are your favourite Lush products?

Look out for my next post on Sunday to see my evening pamper routine where you can see what products I use once I'm out of the shower. 

What are your shower essentials?

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
Have a great rest of the week,


  1. The sugar crush products smell divine! Lovely post and picks dear! xxxxx

  2. The Sugar Crush body scrub sounds incredible! Love the look of the bath bombs in the last picture as well :) xx

  3. I love Lush bath products, and the Comforter is one of my favourites too! The Aussie range must be really nice as well :)

    Julia xx
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  4. Great post, I also love the soap and glory scrub - smells amazing! Sophie xx


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