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Hi Everyone!

Recently I got the opportunity to create a custom iPhone case with
On their website you are able to create a custom case for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung, MacBook and more!
Even an iPhone 4s which I still own haha (I know I know, I should upgrade now!)

How gorgeous is this case that I made!? 
There are premade designs to pick from as well as designs that you can create from scratch.
This is the design that I chose (matching mix) and I just adjusted it to my liking. I also added text to it. There are different fonts which you can choose. There's also clip arts that you can add and even your own photos.

I chose the text 'More Martas Life' because its the name of this blog and I wanted to show you all how the case would look like with text. 

The case is matte but you can also create a glossy finish. Although the case might not be very secure on the screen, if the phone falls it might smash, I still love it!

Since using this phone case many people have already asked me where its from.
Also who doesn't love a bit of marble!?
There are so many marble designs on the website, it's amazing!

Will you be ordering your phone case?
Let me know which one is your favourite from the website!

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
Have a lovely day,


  1. I loveee this case, the marble, gold and dusty rose are just perfect!


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