April Favourites

Hi Everyone!

Today I decided to share with you some things that I have been loving during the month of April. An April favourites video went up yesterday on my YouTube channel if you want to see a video version of this post.

There has been a few things that I enjoyed using this month so without making this post very long, let's get into it!  


First I have been loving this Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic. I have been using this since the beginning of the year actually but I decided to mention it here. It's amazing! I feel like I can't skip this step when removing my makeup. I usually use this after removing my makeup just to make sure that my face is clean. It's very refreshing and it smells great!

I have also been enjoying using the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream as a lip balm. It keeps my lips moisturised for a long time and leaves them soft.

I have been using this Soap&Glory One Heck Of A Blot Primer everyday since I got it and I love it. It keeps my makeup on for a longer time and it makes it look nice even after a long day. 

This Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara has been great! I love the way it sets my brows and keeps them in place all day long. It also adds a little tint of colour to them.

PRO VOKE Touch Of Silver Shampoo has been keeping my hair from looking brassy this month. I got my hair done at the end of February and I got a couple of highlights. This shampoo has been keeping them nice and bright. 

Since the weather in Ireland hasn't been the best lately even though its May, I can't seem to get a tan any time soon. I had to reach for something that would make me a little more alive because at the moment I'm ghostly white. I didn't want to go for a full on fake tan because I'm not really a tan kind of girl but I wanted to try a gradual tanner. This is the Garnier Summer Body Lotion which is basically a gradual tan that gives a natural summer glow. I love this, although I'm not the biggest fan of it's scent. The peach is nice but you wake up smelling like a cookie, just as if it was fake tan. If you have used a gradual tan that doesn't have the scent of cookies, please let me know!? As for colour goes, its great!

Barry M Nail Polish in Almond has been my favourite this month. It's a lovely nude, grey nail polish that goes with everything.

This The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick has been great also. It smells just like an efter eight chocolate haha. It's a gorgeous shade as well, in Committed.

Another lip product that I've been loving is the Mac Taupe Lipstick. It's just amazing! If you're a fan of nude/brown shades, you'll love this one!

Last but not least in the beauty category, I have enjoyed using the Soap&Glory Solar Powder Bronzer. It gives a lovely summer glow to my face and the darker shade is a great contour shade. This Real Techniques Sculpting Brush has been great at applying that with. 


I have been going to the gym recently and I've been loving these Missguided fitness clothes.
These Active Wrk It Elasticated Leggings are super comfortable. 

This Active Mesh Back Detail Sports Bra has also been great and comfortable also.

I've been loving this Khaki Penneys bag! But I've been wearing it way to much so I need to change up my bags this month.

Lastly, I love these Nature Valley Crunchy Oat Bars. They have a lot less sugar than other oat bars which I appreciate and they are very tasty! It's like my daily treat.

That is all! 

What have you been loving throughout April?

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
Have a lovely day,


  1. I love nature valley, I do try to limit them though encase of the sugar content but they are so yummy!
    The leggings from misguided are fabulous too.

  2. OMG that nail color- I NEED!! Great post, can't wait to try some of these :)



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