Summer Fragrances by So...?

Hi Everyone!

Have you been looking for some affordable summer fragrances that are the right size to take with you on holidays? Today's post is all about these cute So...? perfumes. 

I remember around five years ago, I went into Superdrug and bought my first So...? perfume. I loved it at the time and I used it until it was gone. I then forgot about the perfumes and I now rediscovered them. I was lucky enough to receive these samples from the lovely people at So...? to tell you all about them. 

Starting with my favourite scent. So...? Eternal a lovely floral scent with hints of pink peony, vanilla and orchid. This one is my favourite because it's not extremely floral and I can really smell the vanilla which I love. This is definitely something that will come on holidays with me.

Next up we have the perfume So...? NYC. This is a strong scent compared to the last one. It's floral also but it smells like peach and lychee as well. This is the strongest scent out of these three in my opinion. But if you like floral, fruity scents then you will like it.

So...? Paris is another favourite. It's very delicate and not strong at all. The main scents coming through are plum and rose. The combination is really nice, it's really sweet. Lovely as an everyday fragrance. 

Over all, I really like these little perfumes, they are super affordable and last a really long time on the skin which is great. As I said they would be perfect for holidays because they smell very summery and they're only 50ml which fits the required liquid amount. They all retail at 10.95 euro in Superdrug. You can get it here.

I hope you enjoyed today's post! Let me know if you have tried any of these perfumes?
Have a great day,