My Soap&Glory Favourites

Hi Everyone!

Soap&Glory has to be one of my favourite drugstore brands. I'm always on the look out for new products from their brand to try out, both bath&body and makeup. Today I decided to share with you all some of my favourite Soap&Glory products.

So starting with makeup.

This is my most recent purchase. The lipstick is in the shade 'Super Nude' and it's a matte finish. It comes in a gorgeous rose gold packaging, the lipstick itself smells like chocolate/cookies which I love! It has a great colour pay off and is a great everyday lippy. I definitely have to pick up more of these.

I don't use eyeliner too much but from the ones that I have tried before, this one is my favourite. It's very easy to apply because of its skinny tip. It's very black and stay's on for a really long time. I believe it would be great for someone that's only getting into eyeliner and who is a beginner. 

Possibly my favourite Soap&Glory product of all time, I always talk about it and it is the only brow product that I have used for the past 4-5 years. I love it so much! I love both the tint side as well as the pencil. I use the product in the 'Brownie Points' shade. I haven't got a bad thing to say about this product. Would definitely recommend it.

Such a lovely primer. It's very smooth and definitely makes my makeup stay on for a lot longer. It also makes my foundation flawless. Great product.

Lovely bronzer that's great for travelling. It has two sides to it which means that I use the lighter shade as a bronzer and I use the darker shade as my contour shade. It gives a lovely bronzed look to my face and it's definitely something I will be taking on holidays with me.

Another recent purchase but I already love it. I either apply it before my foundation or I mix it in with the foundation. It makes my face glow in a nice, healthy way and it's just a great product, especially for the summer months.

This used to be my favourite mascara of all time. It's great as it gives the lashes a lot of volume and is very black. It would be great to include in a makeup starter kit. 

Another old favourite. This one is in the shade 'punch bowl'. A stunning pink shade lip gloss that plumps your lips a little and makes them look fuller. The product is very sticky though so keep that in mind. 

Going onto skincare/bath&body products.

Probably my favourite body wash of all time. It's super fresh because of the lime and it reminds me of summer as well. Definitely recommend you give this a try if you haven't already.

This is a lovely thick body butter which has the original Soap&Glory scent. Makes my body very moisturised and soft. Great after a long bath. 

This is from the same range as the body wash. I love the scent and I really like the body scrubs the brand has to offer. They are very gentle in my opinion but they exfoliate very nicely and leave my body very soft and clean feeling. Definitely my shower/bath staple.

A great foot cream. Again, it's very fresh and leaves my feet nice and soft.

So those are all of my favourite products! 
What are your favourite Soap&Glory products?

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
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  1. I love the bath products from S&G but I've never dabbled into their make up products sadly! I've heard that the highlighter is absolutely gorgeous, and that lipgloss swatch is beautiful I need to look into it! xxxxx

  2. I absolutely love Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush body scrub, it leaves my skin so soft! I really need to check to out their makeup products!

    Ella xx

  3. I love all of Soap and Glory's bath and skincare products! The Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss is also a favourite of mine, and I also really like the Love At First Blush blusher :)

  4. I love Soap & Glory, I've only ever tried one of their powders from the makeup range but I loved it x

  5. I only use soap and glory's wash stuff, I have never tried their make up range but this post has definitely given me faith in the products! I think im going to try the lipsticks first!


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