Artistry Pacific Lights Collection Review

Hi Everyone!

Today's post is all about the Artistry Pacific Lights Collection sold by Amway. This is a limited edition collection. 

Starting with the Light Up Lipgloss. These are available in five different, beach inspired shades. 

This one is in a gorgeous red shade with little sparkles going through it. It adds amazing shine to the lips and the pigmentation of the product is great also. The lipgloss comes with a light up wand and a mirror which is very handy while on the go. 

The lip product itself has a peppermint taste to it which is actually very nice. 
It's a great product to use as a little pop of colour during the summer months.

Next up is the Signature Color Blush in the shade Peachy Pink. 

I really like the packaging that the products come in. It is very classy and luxurious. The product comes in a pouch. 

It's in a black and gold mirrored packaging which makes the product feel very expensive. 
The actual blush is very nice and it's in a shade that I would usually go for. It's a peachy shade with a little bit of sheen/glitter in it. 

It's something that I will definitely be using during the summer months and even going into Autumn. 

Last but not least is the Signature Color Eye Shadow Quad. This quad comes with four different shadows. All perfect and colourful to create summer looks.

It also comes in this gorgeous packaging as the blush does.

Here are the shades that it comes with. They are not something that I would normally go for but I'm very excited to create a summer look with these. 

As you can see, the shadows are very pigmented and have a lovely sheen/glow to them. They almost remind me of something that mermaids would wear. They glow in the sun and change colour almost. The darkest shade has a little bit of blue it in when it catches the light. 

Over all, I think that these are very interesting eye shadows and I can't wait to play around with them some more.

I would definitely recommend Artistry makeup to anyone that's on the look out for some summer makeup as this collection is beautiful. I also think that it would be a lovely gift for someone because of the amazing packaging. 
Have you tried anything from this brand before?

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
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