Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks Review

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Today's post is all about the Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams
I bought these a few weeks ago and I feel like I have used them a good few times now and I'm able to review them for you all.

I have the two shades in Birthday Suit and Shabby Chic. One is a lovely nude shade and the other one is a purple/mauve shade. Both are gorgeous and are the shades that I would usually go for.
These are available in so many other shades such as red.

These liquid lipsticks are great quality for their price. They stay on for a really long time. They dry matte and are really hard to get off, which is kind of good because you know that they won't move from your lips throughout the day.

Birthday Suit
This is the shade Birthday Suit, probably my most favourite one from the two. It's a perfect everyday nude. 

I really like the applicator because it's really easy to apply the lipstick with and the application is more precise. 

Shabby Chic
This is the lipstick in Shabby Chic. If you're someone like me, who usually wears nude shades then this is a great pop of colour without being too dramatic. 

Here are the two shades compared with each other. 

After the lipsticks dry they turn matte and a little bit darker.

You can see in this photo the difference between the lipsticks first applied and when they dry.

I wanted to show you the staying power of these. I have rubbed the swatch multiple times and the colour on my finger is the only colour that came off. 

I also wanted to tell you that these Sleek lipsticks are very similar to the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks. I did a post all about them here.

Have you tried these Sleek Liquid Lipsticks before?

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
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  1. I love the Matte Me, iv got birthday suit and i love it. such a great shade.


  2. The Sleek Matte Me have been talked about so much recently, I must try them out soon!

    Parie x

  3. These shades are so pretty! I also love your nails haha x

  4. I have the Birthday Suit shade & I love it! I think it's a little brown toned nude which makes it a little darker for me, but I still wear it so much. I'm also tempted with the shabby chic, I wouldn't of thought it was that shade unless I saw these swatches :)

    Sarah xo See The Stars

    1. I love the shade :) and yeah it's something different to what I usually go for X

  5. I just want to say that these lipsticks have a gentle smooth texture that is pleasant on the lips.

  6. I always use matte shades of lipstick and lip gloss, because it helps me make my lips very expressive and more plump.


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