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Hi Everyone! 

In today's post I'm going to review some Covershoot Cosmetics.
I got some products in the post a few days ago and today I decided to share these with you and show you some product swatches. 

So the first product that I have here is this Eyebrow Kit.

This is perfect! Everything you would ever need is in one palette. It comes with three different shadows to fill your brows in, beige, brown and black, a primer, a little pair of tweezers and a little brush. This is a product that isn't very small so it might not be travel friendly but I do think that it's very useful and something I will definitely get a lot of use out of. If these shades don't match your hair, you can always mix shades together to get the perfect shade.

Next, I have this Contouring Palette

A lot of brands have come out with these palettes recently and I have tried so many of these already. Again, this palette is very nice. It comes with three different shades, the highlight, bronzer and contour shade. It also comes with little instructions as to where to apply each shade which is very helpful. The product is very creamy and blends very nicely. It's great to have all three products in one palette. 

I got these two little eyeshadow palettes, one is this Smokey Eye palette and the other is this Neon palette which looks super fun. 

The palette with the smokey shades is very pretty. It comes with five different shades, all which are shimmery. It's a perfect everyday little palette. The shades go from light - highlight shade to grey,navy and black. If you're someone that likes these shades of eyeshadows then you would definitely love this palette because it's very small and handy to have. I personally like warm eyeshadows, so smokey shadows are not really my thing but I will definitely use this little palette when I want to get that dark eye look.

The other neon palette is so pretty. It's definitely something that I have never owned before in my collection. It comes with six different shades, all which are bright neon. This is not a palette that I would use on an everyday basis but its something that would be perfect for festival makeup looks and just for fun makeup looks. I will definitely be using this palette in the future because it seems so fun to play around with. 

Last but not least, this is a little Nail Polish Remover Twist Pot

I love this kind of nail polish remover! I always use this kind of twist pot remover that I get from the euro shop. They are so easy to use and super super fast. You don't have to worry about grabbing cotton rounds or anything like that. You simply twist your nail in the pot and after two twists, the nail polish is off. Amazing! I would definitely recommend you try these nail polish remover pots if you haven't already, they will make your life so much easier - well your nail painting session at least! 

Over all, I'm really impressed with these products from Covershoot and I would definitely recommend these if you're looking for some affordable makeup. I would definitely recommend the brow and contour palette!

*All of these items have been kindly sent to me by the covershoot team, but as always all the opinions are my own.

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
Have a lovely day,


  1. That looks like a great box! Love the eyeshadow color!

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