Girls With Attitude Review

Hi Everyone!

In today's post I'm sharing with you some goodies that I got sent from Girls With Attitude.
GWA is a brand that offers makeup accessories, lashes and many more.
It's also a cruelty free brand which I love!

Everything is in such cute packaging! Look at those lashes, they look like unicorn lashes!

Starting with the lashes, I already talked about the pretty packaging haha.
I got two pairs of these and I have worn one of these. They feel so nice, they're very soft and the band is very thin which I love. I used Duo glue with these and they stayed on for the whole day without coming off.

This pair of lashes is called 'Unicorn', they are very curly and nicely separated. They also look very full on the eye but nothing dramatic. They look very glam and made my makeup look amazing, they just tied everything together. 
Here is a link to them.

The next pair of lashes are these in 'Fairy'. Lovely fluttery, wispy lashes with a lot of length to them. Perfect for everyday as well as evening wear. They are also slightly longer and curly on the outer corners which gives a nice shape to the eyes. 
Here is the link to this pair.

This is definitely a pair that everyone should own, just because they are very simple yet make your lashes look amazing!

I can definitely say, that the lashes are very comfortable to wear and I will be repurchasing these in the future because they're one of the best ones I have used. I also have heard that you can wear these up to 10 times if not more, who doesn't want that! You just have to take good care of them.

The next thing I have here is a 12 Eyeshadow Palette in Natural.

This is a great affordable eyeshadow palette. It comes with 12 different shades, both matte and shimmery. From neutrals to darker smoky shades. You basically have all the shades you're ever going to need, in one palette. 

The shadows feel very smooth and are very pigmented, which is what I love. I really love the glittery, gold and rose gold shades because they are the shades that I usually go for.
The shadows blend nicely and stay on for a really long time. 

I would definitely recommend this little palette as it's very affordable and the shades are gorgeous!
There is also a smokey palette which has more cool toned shadows.
Here is the link to it.

Onto the product that I was mostly excited for, the brushes!
I have seven of them here. You can buy these separately or in a set of  17.

I have to start with complementing the way they look! They are so sleek, I love the wooden handles they go from thin to thick and make makeup application very easy. They have some gold details such as the brand logo. The brush itself has an ombre effect, going from white to pink to purple. They look amazing on my desk. 

They are definitely brushes that are very unique. They are all very soft and dense which I love. 

The brush hairs don't fall out and they wash very nicely. 

Over all, they apply my makeup very nicely and I have been using them everyday!
Definitely worth every penny.

Here is where you can find the brushes.

Over all, I really love everything that I was sent and I will definitely keep using it. I would highly recommend you try something out from GWA as everything feels very luxurious and is very affordable at the same time.

*These products have been sent to me to review, but all the opinions are my own.

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
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  1. It's just an amazing set of make-up brushes. I really liked their quality and appearance.

  2. This was really helpful, thank you!


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