Spectrum Brushes

Hi Everyone!

In today's post I wanted to share and review some Spectrum Brushes.
I have followed the brand on social media - Instagram for a very long time and after seeing how amazing their brushes look, I knew I wanted to get my hands on some.

The set of brushes that I have chosen is the Marbleous 5 Piece Sculpt Set.
I picked this set because it comes with five different face brushes, all which I know will be useful.
You can also purchase five eye brushes in the same style as well as a set of both the face and eye brushes together. After seeing these brushes I now really want the eye brushes too! 

I really love the style of these, they look very simple yet pretty. The handles are white and rose gold, and the brush itself is grey & white - it gives an amazing marble like effect.
I really love the way the brushes look but I also love the way they apply my makeup.

All Spectrum Brushes are vegan and cruelty free which I appreciate a lot.

The brushes are all very soft and don't shed, at least for now. But I have heard that they don't shed after a while of using them either. 

After taking these photos, I used these brushes to apply my whole face of makeup and I have also washed these once, just to see how they perform. I can definitely say that they're great and I will be buying more of these in the future.

The brushes in the set are:

A00 - Luxe Powder Brush
A02 - Angled Foundation Brush
A05 - Precision Blush Brush
C02 - Flat Top Contour Brush
C07 - Luxe Tapered Sculptor Brush

Over all, the brushes are very high quality and I know that they will last a really long time.

Just look how pretty they are! 

So if you're on the look out for some new affordable high quality brushes then look no other than Spectrum Brushes - amazing in my opinion.

Again, as I said, they have so many other styles and colours of brushes, so there's something for everyone!

Thank you so much to the Spectrum team for sending these beauties out to me, I know I will get a lot of use out of these. 

Have you used any Spectrum brushes before?

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
Have a lovely day,