Welcoming Autumn / Fashion Pieces I Recently Purchased

Hi Everyone!

I'm over the warm weather, are you?
I started watching Christmas movies the other day - I know some of you might be cringing right now.
But Christmas movies are like my happy pill - or whatever you want to call it. I feel so much better and happier after watching them, anyone else? They put me in the best of moods. I think Christmas does that in general. Anyway, I'm not here to talk about Christmas - just YET! 
We're getting into Autumn now, colder days, darker evenings and worst weather, here in Ireland anyway. I come home from work and college and I get straight into my pj's and dressing gown. I light my fairy lights and a cinnamon candle and relax. 
Autumn means change of wardrobe. Recently I have been browsing through Asos and other websites and of course I had to start shopping. 

I bought a new coat - this one is from H&M and you can buy it here. It was very affordable and it's very nice quality in my opinion. At the beginning I didn't know what coat to get. Last year I had a khaki parka coat that I wore like everyday and I just got bored of it I think. I liked the style of this coat, it's also a parka coat but it's a little shorter then the one that I had last year and this one is black which I feel like will go with everything that I wear - perfect! It also has this fluffy lining inside which I'm very excited about, I'm not gonna lie! The coat fits very nicely, it can be worn more loose or I can tie the strings and make it more fitted. The faux fur trim at the hood can also be removed which will make the coat suit even more outfits. I'm very excited about this purchase.

Another jacket that I have been wearing a lot after buying it recently is this Boohoo black bomber jacket. I feel like these are perfect to wear when it's not that cold just yet. This one is black, it matches all my outfits, ill definitely keep on wearing it until it gets cold and rainy. You can buy it here.

Other fashion related items that I bought recently are these two pairs of boots from Asos. 
I needed some new boots this year, again because I kind of got bored of the ones I wore last year. 

The first pair that I got are these ankle boots that you can find here. They look quite simple, they're black, with a silver buckle, small heel and a pointed toe. 

The second pair is also black with a bigger heel this time, they look a little more dressy and you can find them here.

You can probably tell that both pairs of boots are very similar to each other, the second pair is just more dressy. 

Another fashion piece that I have been obsessed with recently are cropped jumpers/hoodies. They're everywhere at the moment and I have been wearing them day in and day out. They're super comfy and simple, yet look great with simple jeans and trainers. 

I recently ordered one of these jumpers from Missguided from the Sarah Ashcroft collection. It's very nice quality and is very soft. 

Other jumpers that I have here are these from Penneys/Primark, so affordable and again so comfortable.
Here are some links to them: Pink hoodie'Hey' jumper

I haven't bought any warm cardigans and sweaters yet, I need to start looking for some. If you have any suggestions as to what I should pick up then let me know.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some pieces that I recently purchased and maybe it gave you some inspiration as to what you're going to wear this Autumn and Winter.

Let me know what fashion pieces you bought recently?


  1. My fav piece is the HEY sweat shirt :)


  2. I love your sweatshirts!!!♥


  3. Cute purchases! I've started watching Christmas films too and I've even started wrapping presents. Sophie x


  4. The two pairs of boots you got are gorgeous! I love smooth black leather boots, they are such a classic and good piece to have for the autumn/winter. I like your new coat as well, H&M is a great place to go to find good coats :)

    Julia x
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