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Today's post is all about some lovely jewellery from

This is a jewellery brand which my brother and his girlfriend created and I decided to share it with you all as I would like to help them out a little and spread the message about their lovely pieces. I also know that you're all going to love it because who doesn't love cute & dainty jewellery?

Once you're on their website you can find anything from rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
All range in different metal shades like silver, gold and rose gold - YES Rose Gold! (who else has a rose gold obsession? I sure do!) They're all very good quality as well which is great.

There are different theme categories in the store which include animals, food, text, plants, hearts and many more. There are even some Disney pieces for those of you who are into it.

Here are some of my favourite pieces!

Cat Ring

Cat Contour Ring

Heart Ring

Bow Ring

Dinosaur Earrings

Bow Earrings

Heart Necklace

Bow Necklace

Cactus Necklace

Giraffe Bracelet

All of these pieces are super cute and delicate, perfect for everyday wear, they are also super popular right now, especially stacking rings and mixing different metals.

They offer worldwide shipping! If you have any other questions you can see some answers here including shipping rates.

Over all, the store offers so many different styles of jewellery which means there is something for everyone! Also, everything is super affordable - your credit card won't cry! 
I would definitely recommend you try something from the website if you're a jewellery lover, also if you're looking for a present for someone, these would be perfect!

Once you sign up to their newsletter you will receive 10% off your first order.

You can use my discount code: martaslife20
to receive 20% off!

Which pieces are your favourite? And which ones are on your wish list?
What jewellery pieces do you wear on a daily basis?

Have a lovely day!

* This post is a collaboration, As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Super cute items, so delicate. I know my niece would LOVE that wee cat ring.
    Super sweet.
    Gillian  xx

  2. This jewellery is so cute, I love all the items you got! The dinosaur earrings are the best though. I also really like the cat contour ring. Rose gold jewellery seems to start being everywhere at the moment - it is indeed true that bloggers are influencial, after all that's where this trend came from :P

    Julia x
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  3. You've got so many lovely pieces here! I especially love the cat ring! X


  4. Such cute jewellery! I love the cat ring and the Dinosaur ear rings! x

    Chloe /

  5. I am in LOVE with the dinosaur earrings and the cactus necklace! So cute :) Great post and blog!
    -Jenna <3
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